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Website + Games Together

Arruda.Work is unique in developing online services that combine webdesign and video games. 
Our focus lies in creating emotions and experiences through transforming the way we navigate the web, explore information and interact with one another.

GAME #01

2D Platform

Chocolate Fondant WORLD

This game will make you discover one of the sweetest worlds ever made! 

Play with Mr. Cookie through multiple adventures and help him find his sweetheart S2.  

A work based on PIXEL ART


Technical information

Chocolate Fondant World
Platform game by Construct 3
Based in standard model
Construct 3

Max spritesheet size: 2048

– Illustrator
– Photoshop
– Construct 3 Pro


Click on “I only like sweet stuff” to start playing!
Game instructions: use keyboard arrows to choose directions, 
press “z” for simple jump and “x” to double jump. 
press “z” to start the game! 

GAME #02

3D Plataform

Divine Comedy WORLD

Penetrate the bleak world of Dante Alighieri following the character into the darkest circles of Hell!

Exploration, combat and enigma compose a unique adventure.


I am developing a 3D environment based on the work by Dante Alighieri. Players will follow Dante through every major ordeal described in the book, solving out mysteries, combatting enemies and gaining knowledge and wisdom to be reunited with Beatrice in Heaven.

UNITY Platform


The system is based on Unity 3D Game Kit.
The kit provides basis for development of a rich and detailed map, and enables more fluidity for character's movements as well as easy inclusion of objects of all sorts.
3 phases are already included.

Interactivity & Action

Dante can explore the map and combat enemies using several kinds of weapons (e.g. sticks and swords). Combination of action and adventure creates more interactivity with the environment which is populated by the diverse characters and creatures from the original story.

Riddles & Mysteries

Riddles, puzzles and mysteries need to be solved by the player using rational logics and emotional sensitivity so as to open gates and make progression into the game. The player can choose among different level of dificulty before starting and while playing.

The Vision of Hell

Intro & Title Screen

The game starts with an introductory video of Arruda.Work Game. Then comes the Title screen.
Two buttons: START GAME and OPTIONS, to enable player to adjust audio and screen options.

The screen behind will present that moving animation that refers to Dante's hellish universe.

Intro - History

The game starts with a gloomy animation that make textual elements appear throughout moving clouds. Images will be inserted to illustrate the presentation of Dante's book summary.
Right from the start, the player is being immersed in a dark atmosphere that is being created through the right correspondence between colours and sounds.

Sample scenarios

Diverse scenarios have already been constructed and/or assembled to be included into the game. Among them: - Map of Florence
-Renaissance-type buildings - Italian-style churches - Water fonts - Statutes - Forest items and plants - Samples of rocks and mountains - 3D animal objects - 3D people objects
- 3D version of Dante Alighieri
- 3D version of Virgil, Dante's protector

Time & Space

Unity 3D enables to time and weather to change, nights turn into days, nuances and colours come and go into the sky and landscape, bringing more life and realism to the scenarios. The camera is set to visualize the character from all possible angles.

Proportion effects are introduced to be able to visualize buildings, statutes and other elements of the scenario from different points of view (close and far, from the side and from the top).

Character clothing and weaponery

Players will be incentivized to combat more enemies and solve out riddle so as to gain new abilities (e.g.+defense/attack power, +velocity,+jumping capacity) and more effective weapons (e.g. from sticks to swords to axes)
One model would be KING OF DRAGONS by Capcom.

The original book

Original phrases and dialogues in both Italian and English will be introduced throughout the game so as to produce a troublesome effect of ancient poetry and adventure.

The original book also provides details about Renaissance ways of livings and contextual elements related to Dante's history that will be placed into the game to produce a more vivid experience.

Inferno I - First Canto

"Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, Mi ritrovai per una selva oscura..." Inferno - chap.1
Looking desperate, Dante initiates his quest for truth and solace. He comes to a great piazza in Florence, where the game begins. Explanation are provided to the player so as to start the adventure.

The first map will be that of Florence, presenting a re-constructed Italian piazza with Renaissance-style buildings and objects. The player will be able to explore the environment, clicking on object so as to access abstracts from the first Canto of the book.

The first enemy

Dante comes into a forest where he comes to face a giant leopard. This will be elaborated based on 3D Unity KIT.

Dante will be led to solve a riddle provided by the leopard to pass to the next phase. It he fails, he will have to defeat the animal with his stick.

Dialogue with the lion

After passing through the forest, the character will arrive to a valley where he will meet the statue of a Lion. Phases from the original book will be used to build the dialogue between Dante and the Lion.