Eduardo de Arruda

17-year expertise in Webdesign and Digital marketing

I am consistent, dependable and accurate in carrying out responsibilities to a successful conclusion. I can be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlines. I appreciate challenges and embrace continuous learning.

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Entrepreneur, webdesigner, social marketer

Advanced skills developed throughout my career in Brazil


I founded a digital marketing company in Brazil 17 years ago and led teams of developers and designers to produce inspiring and effective websites.

Throughout the years, I have developed multiple innovative campaigns on the web, designing creative newsletters, and managing great accounts on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

I have worked on great projects and built websites with high conversion rates.

I know how to structure information for the best usability and functionality.

I can promote corporate values and products through engaging contents.

I ensure full safety for websites and e-mail platforms though secure access and regular back-ups.


I use the best knowledge available to build my creations


  • Advanced knowledge in image edition. Rapid creation of folders, flyers and banners for marketing uses. File preparation for impression according to specific printing requirements. Full understanding of typography, filters, vectors, image cuts, color uses and photo treatment.
  • 3D image edition. Creation of modern branding materials (logo, documents, etc.) which fit market expectations and impress customers. 
  • Advanced knowledge in creating vectors, editing and processing images, applying and editing vector images, creating 3D and flat images, using gradients and other applications for any type of image.
  • Creation of folders, flyers, banners and other materials for online and impression purposes.
  • Plus: Advanced knowledge in CORELDRAW.
  • Advanced knowledge in diagramming and formatting books, folders, and printed materials.
  • Closing files with the correct configuration according to specific printing requirements (RGB and CMYK).
  • Advanced knowledge in typography and vectors.
  • Full understanding of the tool for creating workflows and UI, with advanced motions and animation.
  • Presentation to  customers with full responsiveness for mobile devices.
  • Effective creation with focus on SEO and website speed.
  • Active participation in the WordPress community, full knowledge of the tool’s programming language without doing any change in the main program. Knowledge in child-theme. Facility for applying changes in CSS, as well as updates in plugins and themes.
  • Advanced knowledge in HTML and CSS.
  • Experience with the website creation tool.
  • Work on vectors and animation.
  • Knowledge in prototype elaboration for presentation and implementation.
  • Full understanding of code export for website implementation. 
  • Creation of corporate videos, motion skills, effects, color and text changes, 3D special effects, animated logo.
  • Animation, motion graphics, creative compositing application, manipulated video content for TV, movies, and the web.
  • Knowledge in managing repository and facility to handle projects in the tool itself.
  • Creation of pages in PHP, HTML and CSS.
  • Advanced knowledge in keyboard shortcuts, autocompletion, syntax highlight, and code folding. Competence to connect the tool to   Github and FTP server for simultaneous editing.
  • Creation of boards and workflows for project management  to enable the team to communicate and upload project data.
  • Communication with clients and adaptation of the data according to their demands.


Resultados Digitais

Agência de resultado 2016

Award of honor for companies that work with Inbound Marketing in Brazil. A challenging task that deserves to be recognized.


Profissional Digital 2017

Renowned prize with focus on Digital Marketing, winners take special trophy for the highlight of the year.


Inovação Digital 2015

For performance and innovation in the implementation of the WordPress Platform.