Design, DevelopmentAugust 28, 2018

Eaxdesign Company


I created the Eaxdesign company in 2008 with the aim to develop advanced quality productions in the realm of Internet design and marketing. In Brazil, quality work was scarce, the market was lacking good professionals. The intention was thus to bring significant improvements so that Brazilian companies can finally embrace a modern branding and an efficient web strategy.


Since its creation, the company seeked to become a reference in web production and marketing in Brazil. New partnerships were thus established so that Eaxdesign could reach a new step and strengthen its position on the market. Thanks to essential collaborations with e JUNTO, the company managed to advertise its services to new clientele and expose the high quality of its works.


Thanks to its successful projects in Brazil, Eaxdesign managed to establish strong connections with several companies based in France. For more than five years, the BMV company, located in Montauban, has been working with Eaxdesign to develop several projects in web design and SEO implementations. Eaxdesign has also reached new French clients working in the realm of waste recycling and treatment (Séché Environnement, Green Récupération).

Branding, DesignNovember 17, 2017

US and French Partners

Eaxdesign was created with the aim of contributing to digital marketing wherever in the world. We first developed projects in San Diego (CA) in partnership with San Diego Nutrition College. Our work was also presented in Israel during the ISIN RIO 2015 event.


Green Recup has been our first French partner. The company, specializing in recycling, needed a solid online architecture, a great ranking on Google and a modern visual identity to differentiate itself strategically on the market.



BMV Communication has been our most important international partner. With the company, we have developed several projects, giving birth to high quality websites, SEO services and new branding for the satisfaction of dozens of French clients.

The greatest works from the Eax + BMV partnership were undoubtedly the Montauban Tourism website and the Grand Montauban portal. The importance of layout and user experience was taken seriously; several tests were executed and presented to the client to create the best portal for the city of Montauban.

Among several projects from Eax + BMV, we find great websites like TeamOne Groupe e Komis City. These projects were very challenging: advanced programming was required to achieve the perfect responsive layout for laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The projects were exectuted in record time and fully responded to the clients’ expectation.

Bradesco Bank Sistem

For one of the greatest banks in Brazil, Bradesco, we developed an advanced system for the presentation of internal banking information to the board of directors.

This is a clean layout which is in accordance with the company’s visual identity and focus on the UI standards.


The work was completed with great success. It was the occasion for creating great partnerships between Eaxdesign and large agencies in São Paulo, which contributed to building the system.


The implementation of the system was done with HTML, CSS and Javascript, and based on advanced knowledge in UI.