Clinic Cryo Esthetic

The project was a major challenge for Eaxdesign: we had to created a new branding identity for a clinic which had been operated for years on the French market of weight loss. First, we investigated the client’s specific needs through several interviews and observations of his services, then we created a logo and a website which perfectly fitted the whole spirit of the clinic: lightness, beauty and well-being.

The new visual identity was developed and then applied to all material surfaces of the clinic.


The project provided an impeccable visual identity to a very demanding client. After the new brand creation, the clinic gained much higher presence on the market, attracting top-class customers from selective neighborhoods of Paris. Eaxdesign was then in charge of advertising the client’s services on Google and Facebook, by managing its accounts and social networks for two years.

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Bradesco Bank Sistem

For one of the greatest banks in Brazil, Bradesco, we developed an advanced system for the presentation of internal banking information to the board of directors.

This is a clean layout which is in accordance with the company’s visual identity and focus on the UI standards.


The work was completed with great success. It was the occasion for creating great partnerships between Eaxdesign and large agencies in São Paulo, which contributed to building the system.


The implementation of the system was done with HTML, CSS and Javascript, and based on advanced knowledge in UI.

In partnership with BMV, Eaxdesign accepted to face a new challenge! The website creation was a proposal which implied great responsibility and a real concern for maintaining a good image for Montauban city.

Several layouts were created to provide a broad view of the project. The website would have to adopt a complete user focus due to the great demand for information from its tourists and citizens.



The portal was carefully tested so that users could use it on any platform: tablets, cell phones, TVs and laptops. We paid attention to the speed of the website, thinking of tourists visiting the city with only their cell phones.

The project was a success from idealization to implementation in dedicated servers, all with the continuous safety and weekly backups.

Health Insurance Projects

Our main objective with these projects was to create effective websites that would have the best ranking on Google. Therefore, we focused much our attention on SEO so that every landing page could win competitors on essential keywords related to the health insurance market.

After several months of work, the resulting websites obtained an increasing amount of visits, with a high conversion rate for the clients.

The projects were developed in several states of Brazil, involving multiples platforms as well as social media pages to enforce effective web marketing campaigns to benefit our clients.


The goal has always been to provide great results for our clients in the short-, medium- and long-run. Hence, SEO is a powerful tool that bring results after several weeks (and sometimes months) of hard work. To increase financial return in the short run, we have developed marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords to generate quality leads to our clients.

Marketing investments were constant. We worked daily with social media to engage with our target audience in order to create strong connections and promote the clients’ services more effectively.

SEO, Website creationSeptember 12, 2017

The Best Hearing Aid Portal

Thanks to the success of its well-ranked websites on Google, Eaxdesign caught the attention of major hearing aids companies in Brazil. These knew how hard a good position and good return on the internet were to achieve. Therefore, Eaxdesign developed for them several products such as SEO-focused advanced websites to better advertise products and accelerate conversations.


Through attending local clients in São Paulo with seriousness and efficiency, we managed to catch attention of distant companies. New hearing aid firms from several locations (Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Belo Horizonte, Santos, Bauru) started to ask for our services in webdesign, branding and advertising.


Companies could be confident that their products and services would be well publicized. After analyzing the high-value products and understanding exactly the target audience, we implemented several ways for the customer to see clearly the offers and choose the hearing aid that best meet their needs.


All products are presented in every possible way, so that potential customer can better understand their characteristics prior to purchase.

The devices can be viewed in 360 degrees to check their features and possible colors.

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