SEO, Website creationSeptember 12, 2017

The Best Hearing Aid Portal

Thanks to the success of its well-ranked websites on Google, Eaxdesign caught the attention of major hearing aids companies in Brazil. These knew how hard a good position and good return on the internet were to achieve. Therefore, Eaxdesign developed for them several products such as SEO-focused advanced websites to better advertise products and accelerate conversations.


Through attending local clients in São Paulo with seriousness and efficiency, we managed to catch attention of distant companies. New hearing aid firms from several locations (Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Belo Horizonte, Santos, Bauru) started to ask for our services in webdesign, branding and advertising.


Companies could be confident that their products and services would be well publicized. After analyzing the high-value products and understanding exactly the target audience, we implemented several ways for the customer to see clearly the offers and choose the hearing aid that best meet their needs.


All products are presented in every possible way, so that potential customer can better understand their characteristics prior to purchase.

The devices can be viewed in 360 degrees to check their features and possible colors.

Pure 13 BT primax