Clinic Cryo Esthetic

The project was a major challenge for Eaxdesign: we had to created a new branding identity for a clinic which had been operated for years on the French market of weight loss. First, we investigated the client’s specific needs through several interviews and observations of his services, then we created a logo and a website which perfectly fitted the whole spirit of the clinic: lightness, beauty and well-being.

The new visual identity was developed and then applied to all material surfaces of the clinic.


The project provided an impeccable visual identity to a very demanding client. After the new brand creation, the clinic gained much higher presence on the market, attracting top-class customers from selective neighborhoods of Paris. Eaxdesign was then in charge of advertising the client’s services on Google and Facebook, by managing its accounts and social networks for two years.

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Montauban City

In partnership with BMV, Eaxdesign accepted to face a new challenge! The website creation was a proposal which implied great responsibility and a real concern for maintaining a good image for Montauban city.

Several layouts were created to provide a broad view of the project. The website would have to adopt a complete user focus due to the great demand for information from its tourists and citizens.



The portal was carefully tested so that users could use it on any platform: tablets, cell phones, TVs and laptops. We paid attention to the speed of the website, thinking of tourists visiting the city with only their cell phones.

The project was a success from idealization to implementation in dedicated servers, all with the continuous safety and weekly backups.

Franco-Brazilian Workshop

Eaxdesign committed itself to carrying out the whole process of branding, video and website production of a great academic event that was honored by the presence of diplomats and professors from France and Brazil.

The workshop was a great success.  After the event, Eaxdesign created an online space for participants to access academic presentations, photos and videos that were produced during the conference.



In partnership with top management faculties in Brazil and France, the Eax team managed to communicate perfectly with a lot of commitment and discipline in the deliveries.

Branding, Visual IdentityOctober 04, 2017

Think Plastic Think Brazil

One of the largest plastic and technology projects in Brazil, Think Plastic, brought to the country a new collective initiative: a conference in which companies from the field would gather and share information on new investing and production opportunities.

Eaxdesign was part of this major conference. The company created various inspiring folders and interactive websites to improve communication between the companies, helping them to present their services in the best way.









Our work consisted maintly in creating impeccable visual identity for several Brazilian companies. Firms from all over the world went to the event to discover local services and technologies. Eaxdesign took care of ensuring good publicity and transparency for the projects that were presented to international clients.

San Diego College – Branding for Nutritionists

In partnership with the Community College of San Diego, we created a new visual identity in the field of nutrition, developing logos, folders and even T-shirts for a group of students.

The nutrition segment had to be attractive and intelligible to all. After the project, we received many thanks from the college team who recognized our efforts and dedication during this pro bono initiative.


With great satisfaction San Diego Community College remains in close contact with Eaxdesign so that our company will be able to develop other projects and services for university purposes in the future.