SEO, Website creationNovember 17, 2017

Health Insurance Projects

Our main objective with these projects was to create effective websites that would have the best ranking on Google. Therefore, we focused much our attention on SEO so that every landing page could win competitors on essential keywords related to the health insurance market.

After several months of work, the resulting websites obtained an increasing amount of visits, with a high conversion rate for the clients.

The projects were developed in several states of Brazil, involving multiples platforms as well as social media pages to enforce effective web marketing campaigns to benefit our clients.


The goal has always been to provide great results for our clients in the short-, medium- and long-run. Hence, SEO is a powerful tool that bring results after several weeks (and sometimes months) of hard work. To increase financial return in the short run, we have developed marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords to generate quality leads to our clients.

Marketing investments were constant. We worked daily with social media to engage with our target audience in order to create strong connections and promote the clients’ services more effectively.